Promote Sustainability with Our Kraft Boxes

As people become more concerned about the health of the planet, the demand for sustainable packaging is rising. Kraft boxes are ecological and recyclable and are gaining popularity among businesses. They are durable and versatile, and they can be used to store any type of product. At A Custom Boxes, we manufacture kraft packaging boxes with natural resources such as wood pulp to help your brand fulfil sustainability goals. We use top-notch machinery and the latest designs, so your packaging should beat the competition easily.

Custom Kraft Boxes to Minimize Environmental Impact

Kraft packaging boxes have a lot of benefits for both businesses and the planet. The most important one is their ability to reduce waste and environmental impact. Our kraft boxes are nature-friendly and made from materials that have a low impact on the environment. They are recyclable, biodegradable, and naturally break down without leaving a harmful residue behind. So you can store your products in them without harming the earth and contribute to a greener future. Moreover, as kraft boxes are made of natural materials, they are brown in color. But from A Custom Boxes, you can get them in any color, such as white Kraft boxes and various others. 

Customization for Eye-Catching and Quality Packaging

Customization allows you to create the product packaging of your own choice. We offer an array of personalization features so that you can customize Kraft boxes to cater to your specific needs. Some of the stunning features that we offer are below:

  • Custom Shapes and Sizes

We know that not all products come in the same size and shape. That’s why we allow our clients to choose the shape and size of boxes that suit your products best. If your boxes are too loose or tight, the result will be product damage. So whether you want small kraft boxes to store a single product or a larger one to place multiple items, we have got you covered. You can also choose the shape instead of the traditional rectangular. We can customize kraft packaging boxes in any shape, such as circular, star, square, heart, or many others.

  • Custom Design

The design of your packaging also plays an important role in making your product packaging eco-friendly. At A Custom Boxes, we provide the opportunity for minimalist designs along with intricate ones. In minimalism, you use a smaller amount of everything, from materials to printing and colors. This can help in minimizing packaging waste.

  • Custom Inserts and Dividers

If you deliver a large order, you use larger boxes. But most of the time, your products get damaged during shipping by collapsing. Why does this happen? This is because the boxes you use do not contain inserts. You can ask for kraft boxes with inserts from us, which can protect your products from bumps and jolts during shipping.

Eco-Friendly Printing to Prevent Products

Sustainability is not a passing trend, and every business should play its role in preserving the environment. In the printing process, sustainability means maintaining a balance between business operations and their impact on the earth. That’s why at A Custom Boxes, we never neglect this in every aspect, whether it’s a manufacturing process or printing. The printing materials also have a great environmental impact. We use eco-friendly printing materials, such as soy-based inks and eco-friendly substrates, to protect your items from chemicals. Moreover, we use digital printing, which does not require a printing plate. The ink is directly placed on the top layer of substrates, producing less waste.

Premium Finishing and Luxury Add-ons

Most people think that the earth-friendly packaging is not visually appealing. But it’s not true. Our kraft boxes are both elegant and eco-friendly and provide a rustic charm. At A Custom Boxes, we add beauty touches to give your product packaging a luxurious appearance. Here are some of the stunning add-ons that we use to create eye-appealing packaging:

  • Foiling

Foiling plays a critical role in making your packaging more attractive. You can ask us to add any color according to your brand theme. It can be silver, gold, red, or any other color.

  • Embossing

It is one of the most common finishing features and adds a luxury touch to custom Kraft boxes. We use embossing to raise important information, such as a logo, to make your product prominent among other similar products.

  • Debossing

It is the opposite of embossing and is used to create a sunken impression. We use this technique to press crucial details to make your Kraft packaging boxes visually appealing.

Get Significant Discounts on Kraft Boxes Wholesale

We always try to provide ease to our clients. Whatever the size of the business, small or large, we offer excellent packaging services. That not only helps you stand out in the market but also saves you on packaging costs. We provide the highest quality kraft packaging boxes wholesale at affordable prices by providing great discounts. Wait a minute, where are you going? We have some more incredible offers for you. You don’t have to pay for the delivery of your order. Yes, your order will arrive at your doorstep free of charge. Moreover, you can get your product packaging design from us free of charge.

Call us now!

Looking for packaging that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and eco-friendly? Pick up your phone, call us, and place your order for custom Kraft boxes. There are no die and plate charges, free samples for your assistance, and 24/7 customer support. 


Are Kraft packaging boxes customizable?

Yes, our boxes are customizable and can be created in any color, shape, and size.

Is Kraft Box packaging available in other colors?

Yes, you can get Kraft packaging in any color from us.

Are your Kraft packaging boxes eco-friendly?

Yes, we made them with natural resources such as wood pulp, so they are easily recyclable and don’t harm the environment.

Can I customize a Kraft box with a logo?

Yes, you can get boxes with logo to advertise your product and brand.

What are the styles of Kraft packaging boxes available?

Mailer, gable, pillow, sleeves, window boxes, and many others.

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